A Love Letter to Mothers: I Think of You, & I Keep Going


Mama. I see you.

Waking in the night, feeding, rocking, changing, pacing. When all the lights are out and you feel like the only person awake – I see you. I’m with you.

I see you, mama. Doing a million little tasks thanklessly, day in and day out. Doing the most important job in the world and being mostly invisible while you do it.

I see you doubting yourself. Worrying. Online searching. I see you loving and nurturing and feeding and soothing.

When it feels like you’ve lost yourself. When it feels like nothing you do is that important. I see your little one. And they see you. And you are their whole world. And what could be more magical and more significant and more vital than that?

Our culture may not always value you, mama. You may struggle through these years without the support you so desperately need and deserve.

But I’m here to remind you. I’m with you.

As I mother my own child – I think of you. And I think of all the other mothers who are doing this most important work alongside us. Perhaps separated behind walls, in houses, behind phone screens … But connected.

Connected by this profound, life-altering experience that everyone wants to make us think is ‘no big deal’.

But I see it, mama. I see all you’re doing. I see how it has turned your insides upside down and fundamentally altered your DNA.

I see you. I see all of us. When it all feels too hard, I think of you and I keep going.

This work is too difficult and too beautiful to do alone. Let’s do it together.

Your kid is going to be ok

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