in our village-less culture, we need spaces to talk about parenting 

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A mother sits on the floor with a laptop on her lap, she is typing with one hand and rocking her baby in a bouncer with the other.

We live in a society that still stigmatises common (and understandable) experiences of parenthood. For some of us more than others, the threats of speaking truthfully are also very real.

But if you’re considering booking an appointment with me, I want you to know this: what you’re feeling is much more common than you know. And whatever it is, I have likely heard someone else express the same thing before. I may have even had the same thoughts myself.

Here are some of the biggest taboos that I hear parents talk about (that don’t shock me at all).


Your kid is going to be ok

When you just need something quick to bring you out of the thought spiral and back into calm, try one of these.

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